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Danger minimalist poster + lyrics

hello :) can you share your saving setting please? i don't know if you use different each time but can you share the one you used in this? /post/93643864137/nineteen-of-chapters-of-blondkai-dedicated thanks :)

you’re welcome, sorry for the late reply.

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so senpai i was using ur theme candies and the tags letters were all small and i wanted the letters not small or capital i just wanted them as i write them can u help me pls <3 ?

are you talking about the tags in the permalink page or the tweaked version with the tags in the main page? anyway if it’s the first, just look for #tags in your theme code and delete the line text-transform:lowercase; if you are talking about the code i’ve added to put the tags in the main page too, well i don’t remember the codes and i can’t find the post lmao, but just try to look for #taggy and delete text-transform:uppercase; then change the value of font-size.

How do you select blogs to promote?

i write a post with the title “blog promotions”, people reblog it then i choose the blogs randomly with random.org and put the first six results in my promo page (sorry for the late reply i was on hiatus).

About your giveaway, if you choose xoxo repackage will you get both kiss and hug version as 1? Because it says "xoxo repackage (kiss+hug)"

no, just one :’ sorry for the late reply, i was on hiatus ;*;